Gutter Helmet

Eavestrough-Gutter-HelmetTop Hat Home Comfort’s eavestroughing department features the Gutter Helmet system exclusively in Ottawa; the first and still the best product on the market for keeping your eavestrough clean and free of blockage eliminating the need for annual cleanings.

Gutter Helmet is a patented gutter protection system that installs right over your existing eaves trough. It keeps leaves, pine needles and other debris out of your gutters while allowing rainwater to flow into your gutters freely.

Gutter-Helmet-Eavestrough-Ottawa-Carleton-PlaceGutter Helmet’s secret is the principle of surface tension; water clings to your Gutter Helmet as it flows down the roof, flowing freely into your gutters. Pine needles, leaves, and other debris, however, fall to the ground below. Your gutters stay open and clear, with no work on your part!

The benefits of installing Gutter Helmet over your gutters are many:

  • Keeps your gutters clear from clogs;
  • Ensures that dirt, leaves, needles, and debris roll off of your roof and stay out of your gutters;
  • Deters infestation of birds, animals, and insects;
  • Protects your home’s foundation and landscaping by properly directing rainwater away from your home;
  • Protects against harmful mold, mildew and rot caused by water gathering in your gutters and seeping under your fascia and eaves.
  • And perhaps most importantly, Gutter Helmet keeps you off of that ladder!

Gutter Helmet installations have been evaluated and approved by the major roofing manufacturers.

Gutter Helmet is installed professionally by Top Hat, using the industry’s highest quality poly-butyl sealant. You can rest easy knowing your roof and your roof warranty are safe with us.

Gutter Helmet is essentially invisible because it is designed to blend to your roof. You can choose among several colors to match that of your roof shingles.

Gutter Helmet is engineered to handle the heaviest snowfalls. Thousands of installations in Ontario are witnesses to the load-bearing capability of our system.

Our expert installers first clean, seal, check and adjust the alignment of your eavestrough where necessary. Then we custom-fit your Gutter Helmet to your home with heavy gauge, reinforced support brackets. Gutter Helmet panels are independently prepared and secured over your full-sized gutters.

Our installers mount your Gutter Helmet under or over your roof shingles, depending on the construction of your roof. After completion and final inspection, your home and your property are restored to their original condition.


We can also supply and install high quality seamless eavestrough and make repairs or replace soffit, fascia and siding on your home.

If you have any problems with your existing eaves trough, Top Hat can make repairs and modification such as repairing damaged sections, adding new downspouts and rain barrel collectors.

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