The most popular and economic method of home heating, gas furnaces have been around for a very long time, and like most things, have evolved and improved over the years. Just a few years ago some gas furnaces, although effective, wasted as much as 40 cents of every heating dollar.
Modern gas furnaces now operate at efficiencies as high as 98.6%, meaning less than 1 1/2 cents of every heating dollar you spend goes into your home. Multi-stage and modulating burners, and continuously variable blower motors have improved overall efficiency even more, by more closely matching the energy required as weather conditions change throughout the heating season. Variable speed blower motors use a fraction of the electricity, while dramatically improving air flow characteristics throughout your home.
Shopping for a gas furnace used to be a matter of this brand or that brand. Nowadays, the focus is on how comfortable they can make your home. Features like variable capacity, humidity control, and variable air flow allow an expert to match the features of a gas furnace to the specific challenges of your home. The vast experience of our home comfort experts, and the best brands available allow us to provide the very best options for your home and budget.