Top Hat’s Carpet Cleaning division provides top quality carpet cleaning for prices that can’t be beat in the Ottawa region. Count on us to restore your carpets to their intended beauty.

Our trained carpet cleaning technicians use a modern and powerful truck-mounted cleaning system, with advanced chemical treatments to provide deep cleaning and deal with any mess. Professional carpet cleaning is an important part of household maintenance. Done properly by an experienced home services company like Top Hat, carpet cleaning can greatly contribute to the beauty and freshness of your home through the removal of stains and allergens. In addition to preserving the beauty and extending the life of your carpets, you are also improving the air quality of your home. Carpets act like filters, trapping dirt and dust which then get kicked up into air.

Top Hat’s technicians have gone through training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification to ensure that they are fully qualified and knowledgeable in all the latest advances in textile cleaning and maintenance: