So what is an Air Handler?
In simple terms, and air handler is an Electric Furnace, but there are a few differences. An Air Handler is specifically designed to operate with a Heat Pump. The design allows the heat pump, which is the most efficiency heat source to work in conjunction with electric auxiliary heating or via a hot water coil. This maximizes the efficient use of the heat pump, and minimizes the use of auxiliary heating. Our experts can explain this in great detail and help you decide if an air handler is best for your home, or perhaps a Duel Fuel system with a gas or Propane furnace.

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Lennox Elite Air Handler

Lennox | CBA27UHE Air Handler

Peacefully quiet operation – Fully insulated two-piece cabinet reduces operating sound levels for peace, quiet and comfort throughout your home.

Lennox Merit Series Air Handler

Lennox | CBX25UH Air Handler

True to the Lennox heritage of reliability, the CBX25UH is ruggedly constructed and rigorously tested to ensure long-lasting performance.

Lennox Elite Air Handler

Lennox | CBX27UH Air Handler

Smooth-running performance – A high-efficiency constant torque blower motor maintains consistent comfort at a whisper.

Lennox Signature Air Handlers

Lennox | CBX32M Air Handler

A high level of performance – Direct-drive blower motor runs smoothly at higher speeds for an elevated level of comfort, with minimum operating sounds and energy waste.

Lennox Signature Air Handlers

Lennox | CBX32MV Air Handler

The CBX32MV is compatible with the advanced control of the iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat, which delivers unparalleled comfort and connectivity, whether you’re home or away.

CBX40UHV Variable Speed Air Handler

Lennox | CBX40UHV Air Handler

Variable-speed technology provides a constant flow of air, with no loud drafts or operating sounds. Steady air movement also enhances efficiency.