RSF | Focus 320 EPA Wood Fireplace

Focus 320 Wood Fireplace

  • Large 2.6 cubic foot firebox.
  • EPA certified
  • Molded firebrick lining.
  • Mobile home approved.
  • Takes 22” logs.
  • Can be connected to a central heating system.


RSF Focus 320 Modern Wood Fireplace


The Focus 320 Modern Wood Burning Fireplace burns with a unique,  utterly mesmerizing flame and the contemporary style door offers the largest viewing space possible. The Focus 320 Wood Burning Fireplace produces enough heat for the average house, burns overnight, and has low emissions.

In addition, the RSF Central Heating Options are compatible with this High Efficiency Wood Fireplace. This allows you to spread uniformly throughout your home so you can better regulate heating for added comfort. If you’re in the market to buy a new Wood Burning Fireplace in the Ottawa area, be sure to check out the Focus 320! Easy Fireplace Financing options are available, so you can shop for your new fireplace with confidence.

 RSF Comfort Advantage Heat Distribution

Comfort is our specialty. We customize heat distribution from a wood fireplace throughout the home, including the basement. Maintain comfort for your whole family and maximize efficiency with custom heat distribution. We call that the RSF Comfort Advantage.

Product Information

RSF High Efficiency Wood Fireplace Brochure-PDF

RSF Comfort Advantage Brochure-PDF

RSF 30 Year Limited Warranty-PDF


The central heat blower kit enables the distribution of heat generated by the fireplace throughout many rooms and different floors using either dedicated ducts or the house central heating ducts.


All fireplace models can be installed with an optional Gravity Vent Kit. This kit allows you to duct heat from the fireplace to another room either above or on the same floor as the fireplace. The Gravity Vent option is required on all our clean-face models and does not require a fan or electricity to operate.


The Decorative Surround is an option that can be mounted to the facing of the Focus 320 Fireplace to offer a stylish, linear look.


The Heat Dump Kit contains all the parts necessary to circulate a moderate amount of heat from your fireplace to another room with a small fan.

RSF Focus 320 Fireplace Burn Video

 RSF Comfort Advantage Heat Distribution

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