Stûv 6 Wood Insert

Stûv 6-in models are inserts offered in an ideal format for small spaces. For more information, download the technical data sheets and installation instructions.

See the Stûv-6 Wood Insert Spec Sheet for more information. See the Stuv-6-in Wood Insert Product Sheet


Stûv-6 Wood Burning Insert

The Stûv 6-in is a wood-burning insert ideal for small spaces while offering a large view of the fire. It is perfect for masonry fireplaces and for wood-fire enthusiasts..

Stûv 6-in inserts offer a breathtaking view of the fire. The Firebox widens toward the front to reach the streamlined door frame. This design, unique to Stûv 6-in, makes it possible to reduce the dimensions of the insert, while making the fire the focus.

Easy Fireplace Financing options are available, so you can shop for your new fireplace with confidence.

Creating Air Flow Naturally

The Stûv 6 owes its name to the distinctive shape of its inner profile. Stûv designers searched for the most efficient shape to optimize airflow through natural ventilation. Concealing the technical complexities, the result is a signature shape everyone recognizes : the 6.

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