Chimney Repair and Rebuild

Ottawa Chimney Repair | Carleton Place MasonryOver time, and with exposure to the elements, even the finest masonry can deteriorate. Early signs of deterioration in masonry chimneys may include, mortar loosening between the bricks,, pieces of clay liner or brick on the ground, discoloration of your chimney.

Efflorescence is pretty common on chimneys in Ottawa, but is not a good indicator at all. This typically shows up as white staining on parts of a masonry chimney. This is a clear indicator that moisture or water has infiltrated the masonry, and is working its way through the chimney. The most common cause of this with chimneys in the Ottawa Carleton area, is a deteriorated chimney liner, typically serving a gas furnace or water heater. When the liner get perforated, water condensates in the masonry chimney, and causes damage. Stains ranging from brown to black can be an indicator that far more serious issues may be present. If caught early, there may be a minor chimney repair, but if left over time, more extensive damage may result in a complete chimney rebuild. If you’re unsure, or you suspect there may be an issue, our Chimney Cleaning Division can perform an inspection of the chimney to determine and identify any issues that may require attention.

If our chimney sweeps see an issue that requires attention, our skilled masons can provide a quote for a top quality masonry repair or chimney rebuilding to ensure safety and restore the beauty and value of your home.

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