Pacific Energy | FP25 Wood Fireplace

The FP25 offers exceptional wood heat performance

  • 85,000 BTU Cord Wood
  • 51,500 BTU EPA Test Fuel
  • Efficiency (HHV) 72%
  • Emissions 1.4 gm/hr.
  • Log Size (recommended) 16”
  • Log Size (max) 18“
  • Firebox Size 2.1 cu.ft.
  • Glass Viewing Area 160
  • Weight 610 lb.


Pacific Energy | FP25 High Efficiency Wood Fireplace


Heat medium spaces with the reduced footprint of a built-in wood burning fireplace. The FP25 LE offers exceptional wood heat performance with a large contemporary cast iron door and viewing area. Crafted with a floating firebox of heavy gauge steel, a high capacity baffle system, and EBT extended burn technology, this full-featured zero clearance fireplace is easy to load, easy to light, and will offer years of reliable heat for your home.


  • EPA Certified
  • Reliable, Durable Catalytic-Free Technology
  • Extended Burn Technology (EBT)
  • Airwash Technology for clear, clean glass
  • Floating firebox for extended stove life
  • 304 Stainless Steel baffle, insulation cover, rails and flame shield
  • High-tech multi-port combustion air injection system
  • Boost air for easy lighting
  • Single-Lever Air Control
  • Oversize glass viewing window
  • Cast iron door
  • Integrated heat exchanger
  • 2×80 cfm temperature actuated blowers
  • Inside and outside combustion air capable
  • Mobile Home Approved
  • East-West fuel loading

Also Available in an Arch Configuration

Soot-covered fireplace glass?

Not likely with a Pacific Energy stove or insert. Over 30 years ago, we pioneered the use of glass doors on free standing woodstoves. We followed that with the first effective air-wash manifold system, a design that flows pre-heated air to the glass surface to keep it clean.

Baffle System

The design and construction of our baffles is second to none. These removable hollow chambers are precisely formed and perforated to allow a continuous, controlled flow of secondary air—with no moving parts. Constructed from fully seam-welded 304 grade, non-ferrous stainless steel, the baffles ensure clean and efficient combustion with secondary air throughout the entire burn cycle

Knife Edge Door Seal

A formed and welded knife edge opening creates a superior air tight seal to the door gasket while strengthening the stove face.

Heat Distribution System

With the FP25 and the FP30, homeowners can supplement their heat source with an optional Heat Distribution System. Using standard “B” vent piping, the powered heat distribution system transfers heat into isolated rooms. Each heat duct is independently switch controlled, allowing for on demand control and comfort.

For FP25 and FP30 Zero Clearance Fireplaces Only

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