Our products were created to bring the warm look of natural stone or brick to any project. Being fast and easy to install, our products are ideal for renovations, new homes, fireplaces and commercial applications. Our products add a look of distinction to any project. Even the do-it-yourselfer can achieve professional results by following the installation instructions.

The Product Line

The product line consists of lightweight concrete stones and bricks that are easy to install over any interior or exterior wall surface, without the need of a foundation or other structural support. Product thickness varies from ½” for Renobrik to 1 ½” for Renostone.

What is it made of?

All of our products are made of a special lightweight concrete formulation consisting of Portland cement, high quality lightweight aggregates, colour oxide pigments and special admixtures to achieve a high quality product of long-lasting beauty and value.

How is it coloured?

The base colour of all of our products is coloured all the way through. The nuancing effect on the surface of the products is achieved using a special colouring technique. Only the highest quality iron oxide pigments are selected to colour Renostone, thus providing a colourfast product, which requires minimal maintenance.

Why does it look so real?

The authentic textures are re created using hundreds of moulds taken from natural stones in the Canadian wilderness and from real bricks of old heritage buildings. The result, is a replica that will impress even the most discriminating eye.

General note
The product line offers an exciting array of colours and styles that can be intermixed to inspire your imagination. All the styles can be made in any of the colours within the product line. Custom colours can be specially formulated for large commercial projects.