Stuv-30 Wood Stove

Stûv 30. Modern and revolutionary.

The Stuv 30’s are slow burning wood stoves that offer many possibilities: Efficient heating, 360 degree rotation and even the occasional BBQ.

Stuv 30 Wood Stove


Stûv-30 Wood Stove

Three Stûv 30 models to meet your needs

Stûv 30 wood stoves are available in different formats. For more information, download the technical data sheets and installation instructions.

Versatility and efficiency

The Stûv 30 wood stove provides a perfect balance between pleasure and performance. Heating adapted to today’s buildings and atmosphere at will.

360° rotation

The Stûv 30 has a minimalist design and can also be rotated 360° to face the desired direction.

Three doors /three modes of operation/three ways to enjoy it

The Stuv 30’s have three doors to offer you a multitude of benefits. The loading door allows the quick and easy add-on of logs and the occasional BBQ. The full glass door offers a spectacular view of the fire as it warms the atmosphere. The full door radiates comforting warmth throughout the night.

For more information, download the technical data sheets for the Stûv 30 Compact & Compact One Black or Stûv 30-compact H models and see here for the Stûv 30 Product Sheet

Easy Fireplace Financing options are available, so you can shop for your new fireplace with confidence.

Heat accumulator Stûv 30-compact H

A core made of refractory bricks accumulates some of the heat while the unit is in operation. Once the fire is out, the unit can radiate for many hours.

Fire screen Stûv 30

Featuring profiled wooden handles, the fire screen allows you to enjoy the occasional crackling of the fire safely.

BBQ grill

Food cooks by radiant heat without touching the flames. The cooking juices are collected in the stainless steel tray, and the odours are drawn up through the chimney.

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