Wood Pellet Stoves

Quadra-Fire | Wood Pellet Stoves | Sales | Ottawa | Carleton PlaceWood Pellet Stoves and wood stoves are often considered together, as a potential alternative source of home heating. When deciding to buy a pellet stove or wood stove, there are several considerations that can come into play. a pellet stove installation can be easier and more versatile, because it can be vented out a side wall, whereas a wood stove requires a full chimney. If you are installing a pellet stove in place of an existing wood stove, the existing chimney can often be adapted to vent the pellet stove, making it an easy change out. Much like installing a wood stove, a building permit and inspection is required when installing wood pellet stoves in Ottawa Carleton. Our experts make this easy, no hassle process by providing all the required documentation and walking you through the easy process of permit application and inspection. In addition, when the pellet stove installation is complete, we provide a WETT certificate, which documents that the installation meets all installation requirements and codes, so you can rest assured it is done right.

Pellet stove fuel can be easier and cleaner to deal with than wood, and pellet stoves are equipped with a hopper that typically holds 2-3 bags of fuel. Pellet stoves are typically attached to a thermostat, allow a better regulation of home heating and up to 3 days operation with one load of fuel, so they are somewhat more dependent on frequent reloading. Some wood pellet stoves are capable of using alternate “biomass” fuel, such as corn, grains, and even cherry seeds, but you will need to determine if the specific pellet stove model is capable of this. keep in mind that performance can vary with various pellet fuels.

Pellet stoves come in a huge variety of styles, from modern to traditional, so installing a pellet stove not only provides great heating efficiency, but can be a great centerpiece to match any decor.

Call today, and one of our experts will visit your home and provide a no obligation quote on the various pellet stove options available.You can see operational pellet stoves at one of our Fireplace Showrooms in Ottawa or Carleton Place.

Quadra-Fire Pellet Stoves

Quadra-Fire | Mount Vernon E2 Pellet Stove

The new Mt. Vernon with Efficient Energy (E2) technology is the most powerful and efficient stove ever designed by Quadra-Fire. E2 technology helps achieve 81.6% efficiency.

Heatilator - Eco-Choice Pellet Stoves

True North Pellet Stoves

TN40 Pelet Stove Carleton Place | Perth | Smiths Falls OntarioTN40 Pellet Stove | Almonte | Carleton Place Ontario

True North | TN40 Pellet Stove

Simple to operate and easy to maintain, True North pellet stoves are a clean burning, low emissions bio-fuel heating alternative for your home. Engineered for superior performance and durability,

Enviro Pellet Stoves

Enviro M55 Cast Iron Pellet Stove Installation OttawaEnviro M55 Wood Pellet Stove Sales | Ottawa

Enviro | M55 Cast Iron Pellet Stove

Cast iron construction – Tri-mode thermostat. – Large hopper capacity (60 lbs) – Operates with cast doors open or closed -Available in multiple finishes

Enviro Empress Cast Iron Wood Pellet Burning Stove OttawaEnviro Empress Cast Iron Pellet Burning Stove Ottawa

Enviro | Empress Pellet Stove

Cast iron Pellet Stove – Tri-mode thermostat – Painted Black, Antique Chestnut or Diamond Black Enamel Finish

Enviro M55 Wood Pellet Stove Heating Ottawa CarletonEnviro M55 Freestanding Pellet Stove Sales Ottawa

Enviro | M55 Pellet Stove

Huge 80 lbs hopper capacity – Fluted cast iron firebox liner – Tri-mode thermostat – Remote thermostat compatible – Large, full-pedestal ash pan

Enviro | MAXX Pellet Stove | Pellet Stove Prices Canadian Pellet Stoves | Ottawa | Carleton Place OntarioEnviro | MAXX Pellet Stove | Pellet Stove Prices Canada | Ottawa | Carleton Place Ontario

Enviro | MAXX Pellet Stove

Massive 130 lbs hopper capacity – Tri-mode operating system – Large 1320 in² heat exchanger – Dual chamber ash pan removal

MAXX-M Pellet Stove Sales / Installation | Ottawa | Carleton PlaceMAXX-M Pellet Stove Sales / Installation | Ottawa | Carleton Place

Enviro | MAXX-M Pellet Stove

Multi-fuel compatible – Tri-mode operating system – Large 1320 in2 heat exchanger – Dual chamber ash pan removal – Automatic controls.

Enviro Meridian Pellet Stove Installed Ottawa CarletonEnviro Meridian Freestanding Cast Iron Pellet Stove Installation Ottawa

Enviro | Meridian Cast Iron Pellet Stove

Heavy-duty heat exchanger – Easy to access ash pan – Run-Quiet system. – Tri-mode enabled thermostat – Auto/off thermostat compatible – Wooden door handle

Enviro Mini Pellet Stove Osgoode OntarioEnviro Mini Pellet Burning Stove Osgoode Ontario

Enviro | Mini Pellet Stove

Automatic controls. – “Run Quiet” system. – Large ash pan. – Includes bolt-on hearth pad. – Tri-mode thermostat. – Large heat exchanger.

Enviro P3 Wood Pellet Burning Stove Installation Manotick OntarioEnviro P3 Wood Pellet Burning Stove Control Manotick Ontario

Enviro | P3 Pellet Stove

European designed cast iron accents. Optional enameled panels in Racing Red & Classic Ivory – New “Comfort Level” system with internal thermostat.

Enviro P4 Pellet Stove Heating System Installation OttawaEnviro P4 Wood Pellet Stove Heating System Installation Ottawa

Enviro | P4 Pellet Stove

European designed cast iron accents – Large capacity pellet hopper – Heavy duty welded heat exchanger – Included hearth pad  – Service indicator.