Heating with Wood Stoves

Wood Stove installation - Ottawa - Carleton PlaceWood, the original heat source. For centuries, long before the convenience of modern appliances, we heated our homes, and cooked our food by burning wood. Wood stoves and fireplaces have evolved over this time, to be incredibly efficient and clean burning, and are still a great way to heat your home with almost no pollution. With these simple technologies, you get an extremely clean wood-burning stove, more heat and longer burn times on a load of wood, and with systems that keep the glass doors clean, you can enjoy the mesmerizing ambiance of the flickering flame.

Today’s wood stoves come in many styles, from a basic functional wood stove, to enameled cast iron units that enhance the decor of your home. Prefabricated wood stove chimneys mean a wood stove installation can be done just about anywhere in your home with no need for complicated masonry work. If you have an existing masonry chimney, a wood stove can be installed with chimney liner. Wood stoves provide a great combination of beauty and function for any home.

When looking to buy a wood stove, a visit to one of our fireplace & wood stove showrooms in Ottawa or Carleton place can be a great place to start! We have a wide variety of wood stoves on display, and operational, so you can see how they operate, before you buy. Our experts will help you choose the stove that best fits the form, function and budget you are looking for. Easy monthly payments are available, and with online pre-approval, you can shop with confidence.

Installation of wood stoves in Ottawa and surrounding area does require a building permit and inspection from the municipality, but no need to worry. Our experts will provide all that is needed, and ensure that the process is easy and seamless from start to finish. When the installation of your new wood stove is complete, we provide a WETT certificate, which certifies that all aspects of the installation of the wood stove meets all codes and regulations.

Call for a free in-home consultation, or visit one of our showrooms today!

Quadra-Fire Wood Stoves

Quadra-Fire Steel Wood Stoves - Ottawa | Carleton Place

Quadra-Fire | 3100 Millennium Wood Stove

The 3100 Millennium wood stove delivers powerful performance and clean burns. Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) increases efficiency and offers advanced heating control unlike any other heating appliance.

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Quadra-Fire Steel Step Top Wood Stoves | Ottawa | Carleton Place

Quadra-Fire | 4300 Step Top Wood Stove

The 4300 Step Top wood stove is the epitome of the Quadra-Fire tradition of excellence. Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) burn technology works in unison with the Four-Point Burn System.

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Quadra-Fire Steel Step Top Stove | Ottawa | Carleton Place

Quadra-Fire | 5700 Step Top Wood Stove

The 5700 Step Top is a wood-burning powerhouse. It’s big on heating performance, and even bigger on efficiency. Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) burn technology offers precision heating control.
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Quadra-Fire Wood Stove | Carleton Place | Ottawa

Quadra-Fire | Adventure II Wood Stove

The Smartest Wood Stove you’ll ever use – Smart Burn Technology maintains the temperature of your room with a programmable thermostat while automatically adjusting your stove’s air control.

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Quadra-Fire | Discovery II Wood Stove

The ideal size to heat most spaces, the Discovery II delivers the powerful heat and efficiency you expect from Quadra-Fire. Optional fan kit quietly spreads the heat out into the room.

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Quadra-Fire Steel Wood Stoves - Ottawa | Carleton Place

Quadra-Fire | Discovery III Wood Stove

The Discovery III delivers the performance you expect from Quadra-Fire while packing the most heat and highest efficiency of the Discovery Series. Customize the look by adding ceramic tiles of your choice

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Quadra-Fire Cast Iron Wood Stove | Perth | AlmonteWood Stove installation - Ottawa - Carleton Place

Quadra-Fire | Explorer I Wood Stove

The Explorer I delivers a powerful heating experience you can see and feel. At its core the Explorer I is performance, easy operation and durability providing intense rolling flames season after season, year after year.

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Quadra-Fire Cast Iron Wood Stoves | Perth | Smiths Falls

Quadra-Fire | Explorer II Wood Stove

Get unparalleled performance with impeccable efficiency when you choose Quadra-Fire’s Explorer II clean-burning wood stoves with the Four-Point Burn System & Automatic Combustion Control (ACC),

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Heatilator - Eco-Choice Wood Stoves

Economical Wood Stove | Ottawa | Perth

Heatilator Eco-Choice | WS22 Wood Stove

The Eco-Choice WS22 large wood stove combines dependability with value. The WS22 Wood Stove features a wide door opening with single-lever operation and an air wash system to keep the glass clean.

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Pacific Energy Wood Stoves

Pacific Energy | Alderlea T5 Wood Stove

With elegant, historic styling that adds to the decor of any room, the T5 combines the best of cast iron and steel stoves: it offers radiant and convective heat, with a concealed cooktop and a huge glass huge glass window for a clean view of the flame.

See it in our Ottawa Fireplace Showroom!

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Pacific Energy | Alderlea T6 Wood Stove

The T6 Wood Stove is the solution for keeping large spaces warm and comfortable, even through long winter nights. Features Extended Burn Technology (EBT) for all-night burn times, and features a family-sized cooktop and a huge glass window.

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Pacific Energy | NEO 1.2 Wood Stove

The Neo 1.2 Wood Stove delivers plenty of heat output on a small scale. This small freestanding stove was designed to heat occasional use rooms, requiring shorter burn times.

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Pacific Energy | NEOSTONE 1.6 Wood Stove

NEOSTONE 1.6 Wood Stove – The highly efficient NEO 1.6 engine elegantly wrapped in natural soapstone. Each large-scale piece of mined soapstone retains heat while the stove is in use and slowly releases the heat back into the room, even after the stove is out.

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Pacific Energy | Summit Wood Stove

Maximum heating capacity, with Extended Burn Technology for the longest burn time, the Summit is the wood stove of choice for bigger spaces and colder nights that will welcome you in the morning with a warm, glowing fire.

See it on our Ottawa Fireplace Showroom!

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Pacific Energy | Super 27 Wood Stove

Our most popular wood stove; The Super 27 offers exceptional performance and reliability, backed by a limited lifetime warranty,

See the Super 27 wood stove in our Ottawa Fireplace Showroom.

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Enviro Wood Stoves

Enviro | Boston Cast Iron Wood Stove

Enviro | Boston 1700 Wood Stove

Ultra strong air wash helps to keep the glass clean – Radiant heat is maximized through the large glass area. Heavy-duty 304 grade stainless steel secondary air tubes for clean burns

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Enviro | Kodiak 1200 Wood Stove

Single, easy-to-use air control adjusts the heat output and regulates the fire – Heavy-duty 304 grade stainless steel secondary air tubes for clean burns

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Enviro | Kodiak 1700 Wood Stove

The 1700 Firebox can take Up to a 20” log length loaded North/South. Clean Burning – EPA tested as low as 3.3 g/hr. – Enviro provides an unlimited lifetime warranty on the firebox baffle.

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